📣Attention: LUMI Introductory Course - 8 February 2024

LUMI Supercomputer

This one-day online course serves as a short introduction to the LUMI architecture and setup. It will include lessons about hardware architecture, compiling, using software and running jobs efficiently. After the course you will be able to work efficiently on both the CPU (LUMI-C) as well as GPU partition (LUMI-G).

As a prerequisite, participants should have a basic knowledge of HPC cluster computer, e.g., as provided by the introductory VSC and CÉCI courses and familiarity with the Linux command line. Some familiarity with programming in C, Fortran, Python and/or shell programming can help with some of the topics of the course. The course is not a high-performance computing introduction course but a discussion of the specifics and peculiarities of LUMI.

Learning outcome
After completing this course, participants will have gained a better understanding of:

  • LUMI’s hardware and how to effectively compile software on it.
  • The module system and EasyBuild for software management.
  • Submitting and managing jobs with Slurm, including the use of job arrays and GPU/CPU binding.
  • Identifying and mitigating I/O bottlenecks in the LUSTRE file system.

Target Group
The course is aimed both at users who already have an active project on LUMI and prospective users considering applying soon for a project. User IDs will be provided to those who do not yet have a user ID on LUMI.

In case the demand from Belgium is very high and not enough people can be accepted, the LUMI-BE organisation will organise a similar course for Belgian users.

More information and registration: 

More information can be found at https://lumi-supercomputer.eu/events/lumi-intro-course-feb08/.

Link for registration: https://ssl.eventilla.com/event/R14aP