EuroCC Belgium - Empowering the Belgian supercomputing community


EuroCC Belgium is the National Competence Centre (NCC) in the area of high-performance computing (HPC) and high-performance data analytics (HPDA). 

EuroCC Belgium coordinates activities in all HPC-related fields at a national level and serves as a reference contact point on HPC/HPDA/AI at a national level and for customers from industry, science, (future) HPC experts, and the general public alike. 


The tasks of EuroCC Belgium are diverse, including (but not limited to): 

  • Set up communication and dissemination actions 
  • Offer a formal framework between HPC-related activities
  • Develop and display a comprehensive and transparent map of HPC competences and institutions 
  • Act as a gateway for industry and academia to providers with suitable expertise or relevant projects, may that be national or international
  • Collect HPC training offers and display them on a central place together with international training offers collected by other NCC’s
  • Foster the industrial uptake of HPC
  • Facilitate access to systems, scientific and technical expertise and knowledge pools  

EuroCC Belgium consortium and partners: 


EuroCC Belgium consortium and partners

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High-performance computing (HPC) is typically defined as "using computing power that is vastly larger than available in a typical desktop computer". 

Utilizing high-performance computing requires both the hardware, i.e., supercomputer, as well as software, i.e., the tools for programming HPC applications and using the supercomputer.*

*© by CSC – source Edukamu course. ‘Elements of Supercomputing’




Because a supercomputer operates remarkably faster than a conventional computer, supercomputing can help to solve extraordinarily
complex problems in science and industry. There are used in a multitude of application areas: 

High-performance computing resources and knowledge are hugely important assets for any modern society providing a competitive advantage for research and industry.  

*© by CSC – source Edukamu course. ‘Elements of Supercomputing’


The first part of the EuroCC project (Sept. 2020-Dec.2022), funded under the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking call in Horizon2020, aimed to bring the participating European countries to a common high level in the fields of supercomputing (HPC), high-performance data analytics (HPDA) and artificial intelligence (AI).
To this end, the project established national competence centres (NCC) in the participating countries. 

For Belgium, the National Competence Centre is called EuroCC Belgium. 

Discover the EuroCC project and CASTIEL in this interview with project coordinator Bastian Koller.


Since February 2023, the EuroCC project has entered phase 2 and will further raise awareness about supercomputing HPC (focus on SMEs and industry)  and grow/maintain the Belgian HPC Network through regular communication. The project strives to support supercomputing/HPDA/AI users by providing a clear overview of tools, training and services. We will also identify & fill the gaps in training and services.  

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EuroCC works closely with the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) CASTIEL to link the national centres throughout Europe and to ensure successful collaboration between the participating countries.


The EuroCC project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101101903

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