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Introduction to HPC in Belgium

Introduction to High-Performance Computing in Belgium Introduction to High-performance Computing (Lecture) VSC Introduction

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Connecting to clusters

How to connect CECI clusters from Windows computer Connecting with SSH from Windows: MobaXterm and Visual Studio Code Connecting with SSH from Linux or Mac: Introduction and advanced topics


HPC basics

Introduction to Linux and the command line Modules: How to find/use software on clusters (CÉCI) Computing with Slurm
Preparing, submitting and managing jobs with Slurm Efficient data storage on CECI clusters Container solution for HPC: Singularity/Apptainer


Programmings basics

Edit text/develop on cluster: Visual Studio Code Introduction to compilers and compiling, and optimized libraries Introduction to structured programming with Fortran
Introduction to scripting and interpreted languages Introduction to C programming language Introduction to Object-Oriented programming with C++
Introduction to Python Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Python Debugging/profiling scientific code and scientific libraries
Introduction to scientific software development and deployment


Parallel programming and computing

Introduction to parallel computing Parallel programming with MPI - Part I (Part II and Part III) Parallel programming with OpenMP
Parralel programming with CUDA Directive Based Parallel programming on GPU Efficient use of Matlab on the cluster
Efficient use of Python on the clusters Introduction to Julia for HPC  



Using a workflow manager to handle large amounts of jobs Workflow Introduction (playlist of the workflow workshop @CÉCI) Checkpoint restart  


Git and GitHub

Introduction to code versioning: git Continuous integration and deployement with github Data versioning  


Machine learning and AI

Python for machine learning (playlist) An Introduction to Neural Networks

VSC Lunch Session on AI



Introduction to data storage and access Open Science and open research data Data versioning