9 May 2023 & 16 May 2023 “LUMI Intro course”

Introduction Course LUMI

9 May 2023 & 16 May 2023 “LUMI Intro course”

This one day online course serves as a short introduction to the LUMI architecture and setup. It will include lessons about the hardware architecture, compiling, using software and running jobs efficiently. It is aimed at users who are familiar with other Linux-based HPC systems, but want to learn about what might be different on LUMI. It is recommended for current LUMI users who haven’t had a chance to take a course yet, but also for prospective users intending to apply for a project in one of our next calls, to learn more about what to expect, or to already know the basics of LUMI when their project is granted.

More info is available at https://www.lumi-supercomputer.eu/events/lumi-intro-course-mar23/ and https://lumi-supercomputer.eu/events/lumi-intro-course-16may23/.

Register now via https://ssl.eventilla.com/event/6P6dQ

The registration deadline is 1. May 2023 16:00 CET. We do expect that the course might fill up quickly, but it does make sense to enter the waiting list as then the LUMI User Support Team can know if it makes sense to repeat the course quickly, or in case of a lot of interest from Belgium, organize a version specifically for Belgium.