LUMI pilots: modelling weather and space environment

As part of the LUMI consortium Belgium was provided early access to the supercomputer and could run several pilot projects on LUMI including the CS-MASK project (Royal Meteorological Institute, RMI and UGent) and the LIFTHRASIR project (KU Leuven). Both pilot users were very enthusiastic about LUMI and its performance.

First LUMI call for Belgium is now open

LUMI is one of the two EuroHPC pre-exascale systems. While still under assembling, it will be a mostly GPU-accelerated system, built by HPE-Cray using AMD Epyc CPUs and AMD Instinct GPUs. It is operated by CSC, the national supercomputer centre of Finland and it is jointly funded by EuroHPC and a consortium of ten countries, including Belgium. As part of the agreement, some compute time is therefore reserved for Belgian users.

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