LUMI-BE User Day - 06/11/2023

Welcome to the LUMI User Day 2023!

📆 Mark your calendars for November 6th, 2023, as we invite you to join us for an exhilarating on-site event in the heart of Brussels.
The LUMI User Day promises to be a dynamic gathering, and we can't wait to welcome you.

LUMI-Q consortium one step closer to its quantum computer

The hosting agreement was signed in Luxembourg for the acquisition and operation of a quantum computer by the international LUMI-Q consortium. It will be installed at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center in Ostrava, Czechia, in 2024 and become the first Czech quantum computer, which will also be available to the European research community.

Interview: Preparing Students for the Future - Prof. Dirk Valkenborg's Approach to Supercomputing Education

Prof. Dirk Valkenborg is the Programme director of the data science trajectory in the Master of Statistics & Data Science at UHasselt. He teaches a course on Machine Learning in this programme, and during this course, his students use the supercomputing infrastructure of The Flemish Computer Center. We sat down with Prof. Valkenborg to ask him why he is so keen on getting his students enthusiastic about working with a supercomputer.

📣Attention: 3-6 October 2023 Comprehensive General LUMI course - Warsaw/Online

This four-day on-site (Warsaw, Poland) and online course serve as a general comprehensive introduction to the LUMI architecture and programming environment. It will include lessons about compiling and using software, programming models (HIP and OpenMP offload), porting, executing jobs, and optimizing applications to run on AMD MI250X. After the course, you will be able to work efficiently on both the CPU (LUMI-C) as well as GPU partition (LUMI-G).

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