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User story: Xavier Fettweis (ULiège)

Simulation of the flooding events
Xavier Fettweis (University of Liege) developed a regional climate MAR model. In this user story Xavier explains how this model can be used on the CECI’s and Cenaero supercomputers to study the changes due to global warming, a challenging topic with extremely important implications.

User story: IRCEL

High resolution ATMO-Street air quality map for Belgium for the annual mean nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentration in 2019.
Air pollution forms a threat to our health and environment. Thus, it is important that the quality of the air we breathe is closely monitored. In this user story Charlotte Vanpoucke and David Roet explain how the VSC HPC infrastructure is essential for the reporting of air quality for the whole of Belgium. The HPC infrastructure of the VSC makes it possible to accomplish the yearly calculations for the air quality maps within a week.

LUMI pilots: modelling weather and space environment

As part of the LUMI consortium Belgium was provided early access to the supercomputer and could run several pilot projects on LUMI including the CS-MASK project (Royal Meteorological Institute, RMI and UGent) and the LIFTHRASIR project (KU Leuven). Both pilot users were very enthusiastic about LUMI and its performance.
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