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User story: Outsmarting NP-hardness

Picture of warehouse

Order batching problems in warehouse are NP-hard

In a warehouse, orders have to be picked by order pickers. These order pickers have to visit the storage locations of the items on their pick list and retrieve the requested number of items. By combining similar orders [1] on a single pick list, the travelling distance per order can be reduced. 
This increases efficiency and, thus, productivity. 

Talks with Dr. Rolf Rabenseifner

MPI heavyweight Dr Rolf Rabenseifner has recently retired. However, we could catch the former Head of Parallel Computing, Training and Application Services at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS), University of Stuttgart, for an extensive talk.

User story 'Mocking the universe'

Simulated images of a galaxy by SKIRT
Galaxies are widely considered the basic building blocks of our Universe. Therefore, it is crucial to understand them to gain insight into the Universe. Cosmological hydrodynamic simulations are an increasingly popular method to study galaxy formation and evolution. In this user story Maarten Baes, prof. astrophysics at Ghent University explains how supercomputing is essential for their cosmological simulations.  
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