11/04/2023 - Webinar Quantum Computing Demystified

Quantum computing


11th of April 2023 


Part 1: 11:00 – 12:15 hrs.: Lecture

Part 2: 13:00 – 14:30 hrs.: Demonstration and Hands-On Lab 


Abstract Part 1 Lecture

Quantum Computing is a completely new IT paradigm that complements Classical Computing for solving complex problems and challenges that are intractable today. But what is the difference with Classical Computing on the level of hardware? How do you develop Quantum Programs, and what is the impact on the Developer? What does the roadmap look like? What are the performance metrics of a Quantum Computing System, and how do these evolve? What are the first Use Cases for Quantum Computing, and who are the early adopters in the Quantum Ecosystem? How do you start your “Quantum Journey” and how can you access Quantum Devices and Quantum Simulators via the Cloud? If you want answers to these questions, do not hesitate to enrol for the lecture “Quantum Computing Demystified”.

Abstract Part 2 Demonstration and Hands-On Lab 

Developing a feeling for Quantum Computing”, that is the objective in this practical session. A demonstration is given about how to access Quantum Devices and creating Quantum Circuits using the Quantum Composer Tool. Next follows an introduction to Qiskit, the Open-Source Development Kit that runs on top of Python. This part also includes practical exercises: participants create their Quantum Version of “Hello World” and learn how they can further develop their Quantum Programming skills and even become Certified Quantum Developer. To convince you completely: we will work also on a real Quantum Computer!

Speaker bio: Erik Michiels (IBM)

Eric Michiels is IBM Executive Architect, IBM Quantum Technical Ambassador and Qiskit Advocate. He often leads Quantum  Workshops at customers, Business Partners and in the Academic World. 

Eric Michiels







Practical info 


Participation is free but online registration mandatory. You can register for the lecture or/and the Demonstration and hands-on lab via this link


Cisco WebEx (exact link will be communicated)

Participants’ Profile

The audience ideally consists of students and professionals with a STEM affinity, but the most important prerequisites are curiosity, an open mindset and eagerness to learn!