Want compute time on LUMI? Apply now!

LUMI Open Call for Belgian researchers

📣 Attention Belgian researchers! Next cut-off date for LUMI supercomputer: 03/06/2024 at 23.59 h CET

If you want compute time on the fastest ⚡💻 supercomputer in Europe, apply now!

Application forms and detailed instructions can be found at 👉 www.enccb.be/GettingAccess.

Want to know more about LUMI and how it can boost your research? Check out these EuroCC user stories:  

  1. User Story: Towards better disease detection using multi-million atom simulations
    In their latest research paper, Charlotte Bouquiaux, Pierre Beaujean, and their supervisor Pr. Benoît Champagne from the LCT UNamur used LUMI  to accurately model biological structures like cell membranes.

    Dr. Pierre Beaujean : “...we applied for a call for the Belgian share of the LUMI supercomputer, which was granted. We used 4480 cores distributed on 35 nodes, allowing us to perform 10 million steps per day.”
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  2. User Story: Accelerating Materials Discovery and Design with Machine Learning

    Matthew Evans (Matgenix): “The specialist compute hardware in "Lucia” and in the European Tier-0 machine “LUMI” allows for many thousands of trial materials to be studied in a given day, allowing for much faster iteration on ideas and exhaustive sampling of materials space.”
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  3. User Story: From Good to Great: The Advantages of Upscaling from Tier-2 to Tier-0 for Research
    Researcher Tim Lebailly's quest to revolutionise AI training methods led him to embrace the power of the LUMI supercomputer:  

    "Thanks to the scale of LUMI, I only utilise a small fraction of the supercomputer's capacity, enabling me to schedule all my jobs simultaneously. In that regard, the user experience is really nice."

    Get inspired by Tim's journey and experience with LUMI!