National trainings

At the Belgian level, different lectures are proposed by the regional centers. Find a list:

  • Here, for the CÉCI,
  • Here, for the VSC. 

    International trainings

    Training at the European level are also available:

    LUMI trainings 

    28 March 2023 “LUMI Intro course”

    This one day online course serves as a short introduction to the LUMI architecture and setup. It will include lessons about the hardware architecture, compiling, using software and running jobs efficiently. It is aimed at users who are familiar with other Linux-based HPC systems, but want to learn about what might be different on LUMI. It is recommended for current LUMI users who haven’t had a chance to take a course yet, but also for prospective users intending to apply for a project in one of our next calls, to learn more about what to expect, or to already know the basics of LUMI when their project is granted.

    More info is available at

    Register now via

    The registration deadline is 21. March 2023 16:00 CET. We do expect that the course might fill up quickly, but it does make sense to enter the waiting list as then the LUMI User Support Team can know if it makes sense to repeat the course quickly, or in case of a lot of interest from Belgium, organize a version specifically for Belgium. 

    17-21 April 2023 "LUMI Hackathon"

    The LUMI hackathon is a way for a team to get help to optimize software for the AMD GPUs used in LUMI-G. We are looking for teams that already have a code that runs on AMD GPUs but that need assistance to eliminate some bottlenecks in their code. The hackathon is an in-person only event and we expect 2 to 4 members of the team who collectively have a complete understanding of the code to be physically present in Helsinki. Each team will receive mentoring and advice from specialists from AMD, HPE and the LUMI User Support team. We are especially looking for codes that are fully open source or at least freely available to academics.

    For further info and registration check

    We will organise an accompanying course about profiling GPU programs the week before the hackathon. It will happen online on the 13 April from 9:00 until 17:00. Attendance from teams joining the hackathon is advised.

    The application form will be published shortly here.

    Closing date: 24 February 2023, 17:00 CET

    Further expected training events in 2023:

    • 4-day detailed introduction to the LUMI environment, onsite with broadcast, in early June, likely in Tallinn, Estonia
    • 4-day detailed introduction to the LUMI environment, onsite with broadcast, in the fall, likely in Poland
    • One-week hackathon for LUMI-G, onsite-only, in the fall, likely also in Poland

    Trainings for (prospective) users

    The LUMI User Support Team provides two trainings on a regular basis to our (prospective) users. Those trainings focus on the actual use of LUMI and the HPE Cray programming environment installed on LUMI.

    • The one-day course focuses on users who want to get started with running jobs on LUMI. This course is organized entirely by the LUMI User Support Team and will be repeated as often as needed. 
    • The four-day course is intended for people who need more expertise in the programming environment or want to also use profiling and debugging tools. This course is organized with the help of experts from HPE and AMD and will be given three times a year, many of which will be on-site with broadcast.

    We may organize further courses on HIP, OpenMP or SYCL specifically for AMD GPUs but, for such courses or domain-specific courses, we rely mostly on courses organized by other European programs.

    Basic training on parallel computing is taken care of by the local courses organized by the VSC and CÉCI. We also plan a regular user meeting at the Belgian level.

    Local organisations, such as the national competence centres, may also organise courses that are open to others, so this offering may be augmented with further courses.

    Specific LUMI trainings and events organised by the LUMI support team are announced on the LUMI website