03/01/2024 - Flemish Supercomputer Centre is hiring!

Illustration vacancies user support for Flemish Supercomputer Center (picture by Andrea Piacquadio: https://www.pexels.com/)

Our partner, The VSC (Flemish Supercomputer Center - www.vscentrum.be) is looking for talented, self-driven individuals to join their world-renowned team in Flanders:

  • Collaborator local VSC Tier-2 support team | UAntwerp | Full-time |

    Together with your colleagues, you will support users on the VSC infrastructure. Apply here (deadline 19/02/2024)
  • Collaborators VSC’s Tier-0 support team and the upcoming EuroHPC EPICURE project | UAntwerp | Full-time

    The EuroHPC EPICURE project focuses on “application support”: efficiency of the installation, enabling, and porting of applications to the different EuroHPC supercomputer architectures, and improving of code scalability and performance, in collaboration with the support teams at, all currently, 5 petascale, 3 pre-exascale and 2 exascale EuroHPC sites. Together with your colleagues, you will support Tier-0 users on LUMI and other European Tier-0 machines offered by the EuroHPC JU  and participate in the EPICURE tasks for the University of Antwerp. Apply here (deadline 19/02/2024)