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User story: Estimating air pollution in Belgium with high time and spatial resolution

High resolution ATMO-Street air quality map for Belgium for the annual mean nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentration in 2019.
Air pollution forms a threat to our health and environment. Thus, it is important that the quality of the air we breathe is closely monitored. In this user story Charlotte Vanpoucke and David Roet explain how the VSC HPC infrastructure is essential for the reporting of air quality for the whole of Belgium. The HPC infrastructure of the VSC makes it possible to accomplish the yearly calculations for the air quality maps within a week.

User story: Unraveling the behavior of the hIDO1 protein

Thanks to computer simulations, the behaviour of the dynamic loop of hIDO1 during substrate positioning was unravelled.
Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach involving crystallographic studies and simulation performed on CECI’s supercomputers, Manon Mirgaux (University of Namur) was able to unravel the dynamic behaviour of the protein hIDO1. This protein is a target for immunotherapy, and understanding its dynamism is a key ingredient towards the design of new drugs, including the treatment of cancer.

User story: Calculating how road traffic influences air quality

Difference in NO2 concentrations between two possible scenarios that have been calculated
The Oosterweelverbinding project was set up to improve the accessibility to the port and the city region of Antwerp by completing the ring road around Antwerp (R1) on the north side. Wouter Lefebvre, researcher at VITO explains how HPC infrastructure was indispensable in providing the calculations for the high-resolution air quality modelling for the Environmental Impact Assessment Report in the context of the Oosterweelverbinding.